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Default Re: VGA to Component Video cable

Originally Posted by misterflibble
peich1l is absolutely correct about using VGA out: you would require a $100+ converter box to accomplish what you're asking.

However, I have this exact same motherboard; it has a component out header on it, and only requires a bracket to connect to it. I'm using the one found here:

I believe I had to connect the pins slightly differently than in the diagram on that page, but it was quite simple, since the pins were listed in the motherboard manual. Hope this helps.
Yes I see the difference in the pinouts.. I already have the Asus board for that, but it only has composite and svideo, not component and svideo. Will the component output work for 720p and 1080i, or is it only for 480p? What is the xorg.conf settings necessary to get it to work properly?

Thanks for your reply. This looks very interesting.

On the other hand, I've noticed in another thread comments about wiring a resistor to the DVI connector to make sure that the CLK pin gets enough voltage.. Do you think that could be what is wrong with my DVI to HDMI connection? If so, would one of those HDMI powered switch boxes bring up the voltages without me having to take a soldering iron to the system board? The DVI to HDMI was working for a while, and then suddenly stopped working.
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