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Default Re: IS this issue fixed in the new beta driver ?

Originally Posted by netllama
Its not clear which issue you're referencing, as the thread you pointed to runs on for 3 pages, and discusses a number of unrelated problems.


the issue i am speaking about is the stability problem with G72 GPU's in the
the 1.xxxx.19 driver.

The post i mean:

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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers
I'd like to follow up on Aaron's update, since not all posts in this thread refer to the same hardware. We identified a regression between 100.14.09 and 100.14.11 specific to G72 based graphics cards (GeForce 7300 GS, etc.) on certain systems; this problem is being investigated. However, there are no known regressions between the two releases affecting G8x GPUs.

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