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Default Re: Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

Originally Posted by _fLaK_mOnKeY_
is that the permanent haste ring? the heart of rashemen? I got that as a reward after finishing the thay academy and talking to sheva whitefeather. I'm not sure how to provoke the badger so I could attack him, so I never tried. suppose it'd be easy if I was evil

Well, I went into the Troll Lodge and spoke to the guy standing with the group of them as you come in. You say "I'd like to challenge your berserkers" and he just says something about one of them and you say "No, I'd like to challenge all of your berserkers"... and then he gets pissed off with you and you get one last chance to change your mind, however I didn't and saw them all off My Okku was a proper hard nut by then - 700+ HP and hit REALLY hard, I struggled a bit, and healed ALOT, but I got there in the end, the badger comes in and grows in size and you beat him up for all he's worth
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