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Default Re: ET:Quake Wars Full Version Feedback Thread

Uh oh, spell checking! Dont worry I spell it the same way, force of habit really.

Originally Posted by Armed_Baboon
I think strogg are turning out to be a bit too strong. they have won an extra 14000 games or so to date.

my tip would be to turn down the lacerator damage a bit
I've noticed that since the demo. Personally I think the Strogg have cooler toys. Icarus, flying drone, shields, and the Cyclops seems like it can take a hell of alot (hehe a lot) of damage. Oh yea, and the spawn hosting, that certainly cuts down the travel time. Plus I think people are wanting to be Strogg since it offers a change of pace, possibly ending up with the better players. Either way, Strogg do seem stronger.

They do split the attacking time, which was one of my concerns, (GDF always on the attack). But thankfully they gave both sides their fair share of attacking maps.
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