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Default perhaps nvnet problem ?

hi all,
I've compiled the nvnet.o nvidia LAN nforce chipset, with my new kernel 2.4.21-0.18mm -mm for multimedia-, for Mandrake 9.1
Totally recompiled the kernel : make dep clean modules modules_install, rebuild nvnet.o + make install
in /etc/modules.conf :
alias eth0 nvnet (no pb with modprobe)
options nvnet speed=0 duplex=0 optimization=0 (no pb -tryed with optimization=1-)
ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask
ping localhost : ok !
ping (seems to work on
ifconfig eth0 >> RX:00 TX:00 errors:00
I verified the cables (3 times/3 cables/ positions)
I tryed to recompile the kernel, with no ipfiltering, I haven't iptables, nor ipchains installed
/etc/hosts.allow >> computers
/etc/sysctl.conf >> icmp_echo_ignore_all=0
And finally I can't ping any other machine from this one, on my network !!
I just can incrimine the driver, for now, no ?
What have I forgot ?
Et le singe devint con...
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