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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by Namrok
I'm looking at a 50" for less than $2000.

A 1080 DLP or a 720 Plasma are my only options in that size and price.
DLP has major line of sight issues - not very pleasant if you ever watch it from anywhere but straight in front of it. Plasma uses too much energy, gets way too hot, and burn-in happens regardless of shifting or whatever.

Burn-in is the result of uneven aging. If you keep a certain image on the screen for a while, then some of those phosphors will age faster than others. You may not necessarily see a coherent image that gets burned in if you don't keep a constant image there (e.g. shift away now and then,) but one part of the screen will be at least slightly different in appearance from other parts of the screen.

Unlike phosphors, liquid crystal does not age with use. The crystal rods can "stay" in place if held there for a while, but this can be fixed by turning them on and off several times. That jscreen fix thing does this rapidly.

Originally Posted by evilghost
I prefer plasma over LCD due to response time and not being stuck at LCD native resolution.
Plasma has a "native resolution" per se, as like LCD and DLP, it is a fixed pixel display. Any setup, regardless of the display technology, can be better or worse at non-native resolutions depending on the scaling hardware. Except of course CRT.
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