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Default Incorrect frequencies returned by xrandr

Hi everyone !

Here's an issue I've been experiencing for about one year, with different linux versions, and two different gfx boards : 6600 and 8600 GTS.

I generated my xorg.conf with nvidia-settings. So the right frequencies are supposed to be obtained through EDID. (this is a LG L1915S LCD screen)

Indeed, in nvidia-settings, I see 60 Hz and 75 Hz as available frequencies. My monitor OSD confirms those frequencies.

However, other pieces of software seem to be confused.

Example, when I type "xrandr" I get the following frequencies :
1280x1024      50.0     51.0
I see those very same frequencies in the Gnome resolution selector as well.

I figured out that when choosing 50 Hz, it actually set 60 Hz, and when choosing 51 Hz, the actual frequency was 75 Hz.

See :

Why am I complaining ? Actually because I'm afraid it may have some other unexpected consequences. Example : in compiz, the option to detect the refresh frequency automatically give me a little choppy experience.

What do you people think about this ?
Thanks a lot for reading & best regards !
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