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Originally posted by Gator

get yourself the card I use, the GF4 TI4400. It has 128ddr, dual display, and many have Vivo. The performance difference between 4400 and 4600 is marginal, but the price is only $188us! Besides, most 4400's overclock to 4600 speed anyway so you might as well get the cheaper one.

GF4 TI4200 I don't like because not all of them have 128ddr, and the ones that do often have slower speed memory

R9700 is an amazing card, but the price is outrageous, and some people are reporting various issues that make me kind nervous to buy.

heres a GF4 TI4400 with everything, except video-in, for only $187.95us
That is actually looking good... a 4400 GF4 128ddr. What is VIVO?
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