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Lightbulb Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

You would be fine with a 6600gt a great budget card everything just works even wine/cedega applications. If you want to go fast without the 8series headaches get a 7950gt, the 7950gt is my current favorite Linux GPU, I can do everything with it and wine/cedega apps at near native speeds. I have 2 of them SLi'd on my desktop. I'm using an 8400m GS on this laptop and have had nothing but problems with it, It works fine for Compiz/Beryl, but Wine/Cedega with World of Warcraft I have yet to figure it out.

Originally Posted by matkoh

I want to buy a new pc. I use it with opensuse 10.3 and want to use a 3D-Desktop (e.g. Compiz). I will not play with the pc and so I don't need a expensive graphics card. I prefer a silent solution (low noise fan or Heatpipe).

Can you suggest a NVidia-Graphics-Card, that meets my wishes?

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