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Default Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

Originally Posted by bgamari
Secondly, the notion that you "need" a discreet graphics card for "usable" performance is absurd.
Did I mention performance? I don't think so.
What I require in a video solution is:
- two outputs (to drive two monitors or a monitor and a TV)
- DVI (to reasonably drive today's flatpanel monitors and TVs)
- private video RAM (to keep the system RAM bandwidth available to the CPU instead of the video refresh)

Those are things not related to (video) performance but still an absolute requirement for a usable video output. And rarely or never found on an onboard video solution.
It seems that all onboard video motherboard manufacturers still live in the age where a single VGA connector was the norm. I.e., 5 years ago. No, thanks.
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