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Default Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

Originally Posted by zbiggy
There are other GPU add-on boards on market. You forgot about S3 and Matrox. They are still making GPUs and boards. Both of them have Linux drivers.

S3 released Linux driver for its Chrome GPUs with OpenGL and MPEG-2 hw acceleration.

Matrox still provides OpenGL, X-Video for Parhelia and Pxx cards.

These companies still releases new products and Linux drivers are maintained and updated. The GPU world is not Nvidia/AMD divided (yet).
and the last time I checked you needed a closed source 'hal' for Parghelia&co to work. Is that still true? Besides... I would like to have a graphic solution with graphics power from this millenium - so S3 or Matrox are really not a choice.
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