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Default Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors

I have a Quadro FX 5500 card and would like to run stereo 3 (with Crystaleyes glasses) using the full screen of the CRT and have a DFP to the side to support the program control functions of my application (VMD).
Without the DFP enabled, stereo works properly.

I've subsequently used nvidia-settings to try to configure both screens.
If I configure the two screens in Twinview, glxinfo -t reports that stereo is not enabled for either monitor, despite having placed the line Option "Stereo" "3" in the xorg.conf file in the Screen 0 Section.

When I try to configure with two screens but using xinerama instead, I am also left with stereo not enabled.

I found a post from a couple of years ago in which the solution posted (from Petersik) used xinerama and turned off the EDID information to lie to the driver and tell it that the DFP was actually a CRT. Has any progress been made subsequently or is this the best practice? I am currently running the 100.14.19 drivers on Suse Linux 10.2.

If necessary, I could install something like a GeForce 5200 to drive the DFP
and leave the CRT only on the Quadro FX5500. Is that a better solution?
(My motherboard would require two Quadro FX5500s if I put another board
in the second PCIe slot, so I would have to put a PCI board in to support the
second monitor.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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