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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

I ended up getting the Samsung 50" 720P Plasma. They didn't have any of the Samsung 50" 1080P LED Engine DLP's in stock, plus just like the other one I saw, the bottom of the screen was noticeably dimmer, which is something that would drive me nuts!

But the 50" really dominates my apartment. I think thats about all the TV this place can handle. Good times. Halo 3 looks amazing on it. As does Project Gotham Racing 4 and Gears of War. Spun up a dvd of Battlestar Galactica and it looked great. I also scoped out my Wii using Resident Evil 4 and it looked fantastic. Better than on my 32" 720P LCD in fact. But that might just be the afterglow of my purchase and I'll start noticing the jaggies again tomorrow.
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