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Default Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

Originally Posted by zbiggy
hal is binary blob needed by open source mga driver for Gxx to activate advanced features like DVI or dual-head and other features.
for parhelia is only binary mtx driver.
Parhelia appeared on market in 2002 so it is from this millenium. Recently they made native PCI-E but cut down bus to 128bit. It is still very expensive. Do not know why. The funny thing is driver was released on June 29, 2007 and still supports max 7.2. At 3D part it is on DX8.1 level.

S3 has DX9 class hardware so it is more up to date hardware (and runs Vista). Linux driver is from 09/05/2007 so young. S3 thinks about making DX10 and DX10.1 GPUs so do not say they are from past millennium.

Someone wrote there is no other GPUs present today on market so I made this post to show they are.
yeah the chips are from this millenium. Their performance is not. Parhelia was a very big disappointment for Matrox fans - after the disappointments called '450' and '550'. Each less performant than the card before.

And please, just it says it supports 'dx this' or 'dx that' says nothing about its performance - S3 is a good example, with no performance at all. NVIDIA itself has examples about this too! The 8400 supports DX10 *gasp* but it is a lot slower than a 7600, which only supports Dx9....
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