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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by betterdan
DLP is the best bang for the buck and the bull about it not being very pleasant to watch unless right in front of it is just that bull. It may lose a little brightness if viewed at a large angle but hardly unpleasant to watch.
Well, every time I go to any electronics store, the DLP setups are always too dark unless you are standing in front of it. At least, compared to plasma and LCD anyways. If you go any greater than about 30 degrees off center, then it starts to get hard to see things.

Contrast to that of LCD where if you go 80 degrees off center you can still see everything on even the worst setup. I can still see the image just fine on mine at roughly 87 degrees off center, I would be able to read the text on the screen too if it weren't for the fact that I just plain can't read text from that angle on any surface.

I haven't looked at plasma much but I imagine it is the same way in that regard.

Viewing angle isn't the entire thing either though, keep in mind DLP has worse contrast issues than LCD does, and not to mention not being as sharp, namely due to the way it has to individually cycle through the color chromats.

As for bang for your buck - my 1080p 47" LCD cost me $1,295. I can't find any comparable DLP setups for that price.

DLP can provide an advantage over LCD and plasma in some setups, namely where you can keep the room dark all the time. I wouldn't use it for gaming though.
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