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Default Re: Need a good Ubuntu learning resource

There's tons of free information on the internet. Simply reading the Ubuntu website wiki's and exploring their forums will help out a lot.

The first two books I purchased and still refer to about Linux, even though written based upon slightly older versions of Ubuntu and OpenSUSE, were "Beginning SUSE Linux" and "Beginning Ubuntu Linux" both Second Edition and both by Keir Thomas. I'm sure places like and other web stores sell them.

Other good books are "Linux Bible 2007 Edition" by Christopher Nagus, "Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible" by Hill, Harris, and Vyas, and once you have some basics down, "The Debian System" by Martin F. Krafft. There are other Ubuntu specific books since it's so popular these days, but I think just one distribution beginner to intermediate focused book can cover you to be ready to understand how to use the operating system and most software on it and the Keir Thomas book is an excellent introduction to Linux and both books of his I mentioned will help out when you install either of those distro's or many other Linux distro's. And that "The Debian System" Martin F. Krafft book is simply awesome! Ubuntu is Debian based and so by having that in your reference collection will help you out when buggy experimental GUI administrative tools won't sometimes.

With books, you generally don't find the very latest information on what's been freshly released by the various GNU/Linux distributions but 99% of the knowledge gained is of tremendous help no matter what new features are introduced as technology advances.

The website and forum is great for no matter what distro you use, and then you have your specific distro that has its own forum with specific how-to's and problem solving and instructional material to peruse through.
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