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Default problem with tv

hi to all,

all i want to do is to see movies on TV which is connected to pc via DVI
TV is a samsung 32", monitor is LG 1917S and vga card is nvidia 7600gs
I'm using nvidia-settings tool to apply resolution on my TV
when i select 1360x768 @60Hertz it gives me big black vertical bars on both sides off TV screen
the only resolution that perfectly fits is only the 1024x768@60 but i want to have 1360x768@60
after doing some net search i found some tips but i couldn't apply them succesfully on my system

if somebody have a working solution or some tips about it pls share it with me

and another question
why nvidia-settings tool reports refresh rate, 1280x1024@75, other than desktop utility reports, 1280x1024@50 or 51 or 52 Hertz, for my monitor ?

thanks for your time
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