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Default nvnet 1.0-0261 / A7N266-VM

Running Redhat 9

I installed the nforce-1.0-0261 modules and got horrible performance problems when the Ethernet port was being accessed. Mouse pointer movement was really jerky while the net was being accessed and my website which is served out of this machine was very slow to serve pages (the site does a lot of disk I/O which also seemed to be severely interrupted by network data I/O). The problem went away for a brief time during a long download but quickly returned the next time I loaded a web page.

This problem occured with several Kernel versions up to, and including, 2.4.21.

Now I'm using the nvaudio from 0261 with the nvnet 0256 whith Kernel 2.4.21 and things seem back to normal, but I wonder why the hiccuppy performance with nvnet 0261 and/or has anyone else seen this sort of problem?
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