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Default Re: 8800gtx overclock

Originally Posted by Xion X2
"A lot cooler than water?" Hardly. At stock settings on my Ultra my card loads at 54C. With it clocked to 700|1836|2300 it loads at 58C. And that's with my quad in the loop with it.

When I had my GTX before, it loaded at 51C when overclocked to 650|2100.

A good water setup will always be more effective than the best air-cooled heatsink money can buy.

Yea air is never better than water - I don't care what you're smoking.

I didn't even realize the shader would run 1800!! I stopped at 1566, do you have some information on the shader clocks after 1566? I couldn't find any documentation on further steps (like the ram and core that clock in steps).

Anyways I got my GTX to 621/1566/1054 right now, flashed. With a B3 Q6600 @ 3.5Ghz my GTX still runs 38 idle, 43 - 44 loaded. Using a PA120.2 rad though and MCW60 with Fuzion on the CPU.
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