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Default q6600 stock cooler 3.6Ghz

Well as I got my PC home last night (i did a training at work with it) I forgot to plug in my mouse and keyboard, so it obviously yelled at me.

so as I plugged them in and restarted the comp, the thought crossed my mind to see if I could push the CPU just a little more on the stock cooler. I was at 2.8Ghz on stock voltage, temps were 35idle/50load.

so I hit a 399Mhz FSB so I could keep in in range of the RAM (didn't feel like OC'ing the RAM) bumped the Vcore to 1.40 and hit F10 fully expecting a BSOD

Well it didn't BSOD and vista was FAST. Then i threw orthos at it and over an hour i got one error (it needs a little more power). Temps were 45idle/65load

Needless to say I am freaking stoked to get the water cooling setup finished to push this CPU. My goal is 4.0Ghz and I think i may get pretty close if not hitting it.
Q6600@3.8Ghz/ EVGA 790i Ultra/ EVGA 9800GX2/ and some H20
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