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Question REQ: Quadro + Geforce setup


I have a quadro3500 centos5_64 production machine I`d like to add a simple geforce card to clone a cropped portion of the quadro display over s-video, since this quadro lacks tv-out.

Information regarding the mix is pretty sparse, so I figured I`d ask the collective brain here for guidance in this quest.

I`m pretty comfortable with xorg.conf editing, but the system seems to dislike using nvidia modules (nv works) even for the main screen right now. I can`t get the main screen up when starting X, just a black screen ... latest quadro linux_64 driver)

Before going really deep in the technical details, can anyone confirm that running a quadro and a geforce simultaneously on the same system is even possible ?

thx for any help!

Sebastien Jacob
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