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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by betterdan
About everytime I go to an electronics store all the tvs look like crap. If you judge picture quality from store setups you are asking for trouble.

I know you don't have much experience with DLPs except for inside a store but trust me, we can see the tv just fine at an angle so I won't even get into that non issue.
No it isn't the only experience, rather it is the way I get the best direct comparison. Believe me, I even wanted to get a DLP setup before I got LCD because at the time they were so much cheaper (at the time I bought mine they were roughly the same price, and I preferred LCD, hence...) I even bought one once and had it in my house, and I just wasn't impressed with it so I returned it.

Originally Posted by betterdan
Really? Can you please post any links to information you have that says all DLPs have "worse contrast issues" than LCD does and that they aren't as sharp as any LCDs?

I would imagine some cheap DLPs are worse just like some cheap LCDs are worse.I have to doubt though that DLPs in general have any significant contrast issues as compared to a LCD of the same quality. Same with sharpness.
Remember that DLP is another form of projection technology, you are invariably going to deal with refraction, with LCD otoh you are looking directly at the display source.

Originally Posted by betterdan
Just for poops and laughs here's an article from Sound and Vision (yea it's from 2005 but hey it's what came up when i googled DLP vs LCD) where they compare a DLP set and an LCD set. Pretty interesting.
Here's also a CNET comparison on the different tvs (it says the article was from 3/18/2003 but updated 8/20/2007) where DLPs and LCDs were pretty comparable to each other. It does state that DLPs do introduce a bit more low-level video noise but then it also says that LCDs can have a screen-door effect.
That depends on how close you sit to the screen and how large the pixels are. With pretty much any 1080p LCD you won't get that.

Originally Posted by betterdan
It also says that DLPs have better black levels and that is one thing I noticed on ours when we first hooked it up was the excellent black levels and shadow detail.
Yeah DLP will have better black levels, there is no doubt about that.

Originally Posted by betterdan
Our 1080P 52" DLP cost $1699. I did a quick look and I couldn't find any LCD that size for close to the price we paid. That's why I think it is the best bang for the buck. What brand is yours by the way? Ours like I said is a Mitsubishi which is by no means a cheap brand.
Mine is a Westinghouse. Cheap brand but well known to be a good brand.

Originally Posted by betterdan
So people can't really watch DLPs and have a good quality picture unless you keep the room dark all the time? Come on man where are you getting this info from?
A combination of personal experience and various review sources. But no, that isn't what I am saying either. I am saying that DLP picture quality is affected by ambient lighting more than LCD or Plasma.

Originally Posted by Am_I_Evil
here's a bigger 1080p DLP cheaper than what you paid:

not getting in on the argument...just showing that there are large DLPs for around that same price...
One other thing I didn't bring up though, is every 1,000 to 2,000 hours you have to buy a new bulb for DLP units.
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