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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Remember that DLP is another form of projection technology, you are invariably going to deal with refraction, with LCD otoh you are looking directly at the display source.
Not really, the lightsource is typically a halogen light that is routed through the Liquid Crystal Display and then to you. Plasma would be the only one where you are looking directly at the display source.

That depends on how close you sit to the screen and how large the pixels are. With pretty much any 1080p LCD you won't get that.
The pixel size on a 1:1 LCD and 1:1 DLP of the same size, is rougly the same size.

A combination of personal experience and various review sources. But no, that isn't what I am saying either. I am saying that DLP picture quality is affected by ambient lighting more than LCD or Plasma.
I don't find that to be as true as it once was. Rear projection tv's were horrible in daylight and still are. DLP sets are quite comparable to both LCD and Plasma. When I say DLP, I specifically mean the sets that have the Toshiba Digital Light Projection engine in them, and not the comparable ones by Sony or other manufacturers.

One other thing I didn't bring up though, is every 1,000 to 2,000 hours you have to buy a new bulb for DLP units.
It is rated at 8,000 hours and the LED ones are rated even longer. However that being said, while real world tests and statistical analysis can give you a general indicator of how long something likely should last, this indicatore does not infer how long something will actually last. As such my dlp set bought in 2004 is still on the same bulb and we use it significantly more than eight hours a day, every day.
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