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Default A7N8X and latest audio drivers 1.0-0261

It seems like I'm getting the same problems with the latest drivers as I have gotten with the previous. I run KDE and GNOME, and when trying to play a song with xmms - I do it sucessfully at first. But, once I try playing ET (Enemy Territory), the audio drivers seems to be in use right after. Strangest part would be seeing no sight of it being used in the processes (ps ax). It does not happen only with XMMS though, XMMS seems to dedicate the drivers to itself as well, sound plays in it just fine, but no other application seems to give any sound (even when XMMS is closed). I'm just wondering if anyone else has issues similar to these. It gets annoying when the only solution is rebooting the machine, how many times a day can a person reboot their machine?


A7N8X with XP 2000+
768MB of ram
90gb of space
AIW Radeon (7200)
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