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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by Lyme
I don't find that to be as true as it once was. Rear projection tv's were horrible in daylight and still are. DLP sets are quite comparable to both LCD and Plasma. When I say DLP, I specifically mean the sets that have the Toshiba Digital Light Projection engine in them, and not the comparable ones by Sony or other manufacturers.
DLP sets *are* rear projection. Sony has no DLP sets and never has. They use LCoS which is a better technology than DLP for RP but more expensive. LCoS murders DLP in black levels, contrast, and color tracking accuracy. Rear projection can be LCD, CRT, DLP, or LCoS. Sony has done LCD RP ( 3LCD ) and LCoS ( SXRD ). Mistubishi used 9" CRT guns in their last CRT RP's, then went LCoS RP with their 80" Alpha, and now uses DLP RP.
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