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Default Re: 8800gtx overclock

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
You could always do what im going to do when i get my antech 900!

Right now i have my fan so the HR-03 Plus heatsink is below the card! .... when i get my antech 900 im going to turn my Ultra-120 eXtreme around so the warm air from the ultra 120 is blowing up to the top of the case and onto the big 200mm fan, then im going to put my HR-03 Plus so that the heatsink is above the card(how you would have it with SLi)then below the card i have a Spectrum dual Fan card(see below pic), this card mounts in a pci slot and will blow cool air onto the underside of my graphics card keeping the memory & other components cool, this dual fan card only takes up one slot leaving you afew extra pci slots for sound cards ect.

That won't work too well, I don't think. You need the heatsink sitting over the GPU.. not the back of the card.

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