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Default Re: A7N266-VM : Geforce 2 MX Onboard : Freeze at NVIDIA Logo

I got it working finally. But before I had to
  • Remove all Linux-restricted-modules packages
  • Add option "NVAGP" "1" to xorg.conf

But now I am facing a new problem here. The screen is a bit sluggish and get corrupted as soon as some animation appears. Also when I scroll, all the pixels get overlapping everything becomes messy.

I have attached nvidia-bug-report for your reference. Also attached are two screenshots which would give you the idea of screen corruption.


I noticed an error message in "dmesg", it says, NVAGP not loading since AGPGART is already loaded in the backend.

I tried with agpgart=no in grub when booting, but didnt work.

glxgears works fine without any quirks, and gives me a constant 405 FPS.

What could be the reason of corruption? Is it only because of AGPGART loading in the backend? or is there any issue with my configuration?
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