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Arrow The Witcher Feedback Thread

I've been able to snatch it one day in advance.

I've been through the tutorial part and I must say I'm impressed by the graphics. My PC is barely above minimum specs but it runs this game fine at 1024x768 and 2x AA. I had to turn down AF a little and disable depth of field which seems a taxing effect.

Graphics looks nice enough to me, nothing ground braking but with high res textures and decent models. During the tutorial there are a lot of cutway scenes. It seems that the backgrounds are real time rendered but the actors are not, sort of FMV sprites. It must be seen to understand what I mean.

One last thing before I plunge back into this game, it' s really memory hungry! I've a heavily customized win XP installation (thanks, nLite!!!) which takes less than 80MB at startup. During the game sessions, memory usage soars up to 1.4GB! It also takes ages to load the areas

Back to the game, guys. I'll post you my updated impressions tomorrow
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