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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Well that depends on your definition of it. In general, direct view means any display that doesn't involve you looking at a reflection of another light source, or some kind of shade that sits between the light source and the viewer, which is what any projected display is going to have. LCD fits under the common definition of direct view (except projection LCD which is a different thing.)
The way a LCD works is by putting the liquid crystal matrix between the light source and the viewer. Anyhow, it isn't really important.


See above, but that is by far not the first place I have heard this from.
I do not disbute or argue the numbers they offer on typical bulb life length, however, I still stand by my position that simply because they approximate that the bulbs have those characteristics, that those characteristics will pan out as such in real life.

Anyhow, some other interesting information.

As plasma screens go, the first day you turn it on is the brightest and most vibrant it will ever be. As you reach the mid point of the life of the plasma screen, both will be reduced by half. Typically in a plasma screen the blue colour will be the first to fail, and there is no way to fix or repair the device.

As far as LCD screens go, they will follow the same characteristics as LCD monitors (which we are all familiar with). When the bulb in the LCD goes, it typically is difficult for the consumer to replace the bulb on their own, but not impossible. In addition LCD's may suffer from dead and/or stuck pixels, which may develop later in life.

DLP sets, which typically are the heaviest, and require the most depth have a number of positives and drawbacks. One of the largest problems with DLP sets is that the word "DLP" is used to refer to a wide range of products including the traditional rear-projection sets. The older rear projection tv's, those by Sony using a three lcd projection, and those made by magnavox, are not DLP sets and have wildly different characteristics.
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