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Default Re: Plasma Burn In & Gaming

Originally Posted by Lyme
The way a LCD works is by putting the liquid crystal matrix between the light source and the viewer. Anyhow, it isn't really important.
It is still direct view, you are looking at a what is better described as a complex filter, as opposed to a shade.

Originally Posted by Lyme
As far as LCD screens go, they will follow the same characteristics as LCD monitors (which we are all familiar with). When the bulb in the LCD goes, it typically is difficult for the consumer to replace the bulb on their own, but not impossible. In addition LCD's may suffer from dead and/or stuck pixels, which may develop later in life.
Most of the time pixels that "develop later" were really there the entire time, just the person never noticed it.

Originally Posted by Lyme
One of the largest problems with DLP sets is that the word "DLP" is used to refer to a wide range of products including the traditional rear-projection sets. The older rear projection tv's, those by Sony using a three lcd projection, and those made by magnavox, are not DLP sets and have wildly different characteristics.
I've never heard of any LCD based displays being advertised as DLP. Texas Instruments owns the DLP trademark, and I don't think they would allow somebody to call it DLP unless it was based on their DMD technology. I've never heard of it happening anyways, and I wouldn't be surprised if TI sued somebody over it if they did.
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