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I luv mah ti4200 340/700
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Originally posted by Lfctony
P4 2.16
512MB 333Mhz

Got 11800 with my 4200 at 300/850
Getting 12800 with my 5800 at 500/962

uh dude, no way can a ti4200 do 850 on the ram. You must have meant 650. and your low scores is cause your cpu is quite slow. overclock it dude anyway im at 12800 now I may break 13k soon and I didnt even lower the IQ
I have retired from 3dmark! Game time!
cpu: Tbred AIUHB xp2000+ unlocked and overclocked(1.75 volts) to 2.09GHz(used to do 2.47GHz)
gpu: Several, see 3dmark scores!
ram: Mushkin pc3500 level II, dual channel 2x256mb(sold) I now have corsair value that performs better for less than half the price!
mobo: abit nf7-s, shes fasssssst!
hdd: Seagate 80GB 7200rpm
3dmark2001 scores:
TI4200 330/700 on nf7-s 16490
TI4200 128mb on kt400 15580
TI500 at 265/600 core won't V-mod 12713
TI200 at 250/525 w00t! 12k club! 12123
MX440 at 330/550 10k possible if V-mod 9305
MX420 at 333/183 poor ocing ram 5258
Geforce2 TI at 250/220 darn! sdr verson! 4740
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