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Question Future "Penryn + X38 + Overclocking" questions

I'm one of those who want to upgrade in January.

I want to buy cpu/mobo/ram (maybe a new gfx card if available too).

My main question is related to the cpu multiplier & the max fsb on x38.

The cpu that i want to pick is the "Q9450 2.66 GHz 12MB 1333 MHz FSB $316 January 2008" +-

If i'm right, that cpu should have a 2660 / (1333 / 4) = 8x multiplier (locked).

It means that i only can raise the FSB to oc it. Till here, all ok.

So, if i'm right, these are the speeds that i could try:

333 MHz * 8 = 2.66 GHz
400 MHz * 8 = 3.2 GHz
450 MHz * 8 = 3.5 GHz
500 MHz * 8 = 4 GHz

I've read some early reviews of the X38 mobos, & i've seen that the max FSB is around 470 MHz. So, prolly the max "daily working" fsb is around 450MHz.

It means that i'm going to be seriously bounded by the FSB speed.

Still 3.5 GHz is a nice speed, but, i was hoping more from a 45nm chip. You know.

About the ram, i think that i'll pick 4x1GB (those ocz reaper cas3 @ 800mhz). I'll need to run them in async mode, but, i guess that less latency gives more performance for gaming.

If you plan to upgrade like me, you're welcome to this thread. Comments about other options are welcome too. Thanks guys
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