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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

The graphics are a DX8 /DX9 style . I believe that without paralax and normals and HDR - but some bloom efects - good models and animations - escept the facial animations . The artistic design is good in this game , dark , impressive.

The gameplay is a mixture between Click-action RPGs and clasic RPG games, with many conversations and decisions diferent . But the combat not is only a typical click only , is diferent . You must click when the crosshair indicates the possibility of injuring or give a fatal attack, and choose three different modes of combat, against groups , against powerful enemies and against the rapid enemies. And the history and atmosphere has a sound adult

The critiques in the reviews and first opinions in my country are good critiques , with good notes for the type of game that is. The game is something linear in some scenes . Alone I have played the beginning of the tutorial .

The Witcher 720p video to see at FULSCREEN

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