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Default Re: The Witcher feedback

Originally Posted by Dragunov
Oblivion is a very nice game too, and I just want to know if it looks and feels better
You can't really compare. If you like FPS then Oblivion will probably feel better, if you like Isometric and Third Person, The Witcher will feel better. For looks, again you can't compare. Oblivion has a bright, happy HDR glowy look, while The Witcher is dark and gloomy with blur effects.

However both are 'light' RPGs. The Witcher has a Dark Messiah/Bloodlines system for skill building (though a lot more in depth) while Oblivion basically worked like real life, where you do and you learn. I like the Witcher's skill system, gives me a lot more control over my character.

Also The Witcher's story, promises to be a lot better than Oblivion's IF it survives the translation ok.
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