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Default Re: Future "Penryn + X38 + Overclocking" questions

Originally Posted by walterman

Still 3.5 GHz is a nice speed, but, i was hoping more from a 45nm chip. You know.

About the ram, i think that i'll pick 4x1GB (those ocz reaper cas3 @ 800mhz). I'll need to run them in async mode, but, i guess that less latency gives more performance for gaming.
With a 450Mhz FSB youll want RAM that will do double that @ 900+Mhz

I wouldnt be as worried about cas latency and spend more money on a faster ram.

EX: lets say you are running a 450FSB, so RAM @ 900. we'll say its 1066Mhz RAM with timings of 5-5-5-15. you can run that RAM @ 900 and then try to tighten up the timings, say 4-4-4-12. ect... instead of having to OC the 800Mhz ram and have to loosen the timings.
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