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Default Re: geforcefx 5900 vs. the other cards

5 reasons to buy:

1. Monster bandwidth for high performance with AA/AF

2. High clockspeed and fillrate for fast raw performance

3. Games potentially optimized for Nvidia; guaranteed
compatibility; tuned for Doom3 engine

4. Strong OpenGL and professional application performance

5. AF quality (application setting only) and FP32 support

5 reasons not to buy:

1. Price too high; games that will use some of its advanced features are still many months away, at which time the price may be lower, and newer, faster cards may be out (R360)

2. Slow shader speed in DX9; uncertain performance for future DX9 titles

3. Poor AA quality and speed (the good AA modes like 4xS are too slow overall)

4. It gets beat by the 9700Pro in some games and synthetic benchmarks!

5. Lower overall image quality (further reduced by the possibility of Nvidia app-specific optimizations to gain speed)

I would buy the 9700 (NP or Pro) and save the cost difference for an upgrade in fall/winter, when it's clear how all the cards stack up in the major games being released.

For more performance now, I'd get the 9800Pro, or possibly the 5900 regular (depending on how it compares in price/performance).
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