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Default Panasonic TH 50 series HD and HDMI

Just installed the Panasonic TH 50 series Plasma 1080P. The picture is stunning playing 1080P from the PS3 Blu -Ray.

It come with 2 HDMI inputs, but that is still not adequate considering all the HD equipment I already have in house: PS3, Apple TV, HD cable dvr, and HD-DVD player.

I originally had a HDMI switch connect to a older Panasonic Viesa LCD to route all the HDMI sources in, but now with the 2nd Panasonic, I found a way to switch all the HDMI sources and display them on both HD displays using a 5x2 HDMI switch
Its great because I have the older one in the kitchen now and the Big TH50 in the living room and we can have both showing true digital HD.
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