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Default Re: Flight Simulator X: ACCELERATION (official thread!)

Thanks for the shots sillyeagle

its pretty sad the way FSX has turned out IMO i think the year they wasted on DX10 should really have been put to better use improving the core engine for multicore/better DX9 effects(after all we've seen there DX10 only effect in many older dx9 only games)

i made this post over at FSW but i'll C&V it here

one quick question that has been nagging me for a while now and that is were told FSX is a future looking product and we should'nt expect to run it all sliders to the right on today hardware,but as its so massively CPU limited (and see's little benefit performance wise from multicore CPU's &/or higher clocked GPU's) just where is it going to get its future frame rate boost from?

if CPU's have pretty much hit a limit clock wise and are now going parallel (3/4/8/16 cores) and the engine cant take full advantage of multi cores in a performance boosting way and it still(post sp2)doesnt off load GFX intensive work to the GPU it seems that i'll still be getting poor frame rates in a few years time even if im using a 8 core 3ghz CPU and a 9800GTX or HD3600 GPU?

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