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Default Re: Need help with Crysis video resolution...

Originally Posted by Gaco
It so happens that the majority of the crapload of other games are older games, you can't run that res with new games like Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Bioshock. Those together with games like Crysis, is what I bought my rig for, not playing those games in 1920*1600 with **** settings

Don't say that you don't feel the slightest of regret when you 24" guys run Crysis in medium settings on your Q6600/8800GTX rig...
Bioshock, Timeshift, UT3, COD4, MOHAA all run perfect on my rig with a Q6700 @ 3.6 and a couple of Ultras @ 1920x1200 with all settings maxed out
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