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Default So thats why I was banned.

Originally posted by maddog912
Sorry, but I need a NO SH*T advice. Which one should I buy, the 9800 Pro 256 megs or the Geforce FX 5900 ultra 256 megs....?

Originally posted by saturnotaku
Buy the 9800. And FYI, the mods don't take kindly to circumventing the swear filter.

This is what I said in the F U! thread.
Originally posted by LiquidX
F.....em again! The bastards look for any little sh*$! to get at us. If only them would put the same passion in stop some of the sh@3! happening around the world. Like the damn Congo are that damn idiot who's people ARE starving, but the F@#k finds money to build nuclear weapons. F......em again.
So sorry man. Havent been here long and this is the second forum I ever joined more over actually participated in. I had no idea you couldnt say things like that even if you didnt spell out the full word. I have seen some off the wall things here and just thought it wouldnt bother anyone apparently it did because someone got me banned. But thanks to a pm vampireUK I think, I am back. Sorry again I meant no arm, just a voice of opinion which someone took to heart. 24 and still a kid.
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