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Default Re: Crysis DX9 vs DX10 = Quite a difference ^^

Seems like just from looking at jonelo's pics and from playing it on my own system in high vs very high ini tweaks, there is a tangible difference but it's one screen shots really can't capture completely. There's more of this immersiveness with the fog and the way there is a slight haze to your view.

It's evident in his pics where there seems to be more of a washed out look when you're facing the sun. In DX9, there's not.

It's not one of those huge "wow what a differece" changes but it's one of the little things that add up to a more immersive game experience. As others have said though, having all the dx10 goodies turned on via the ini tweak and running in DX9 is THE way to go.

As I suspected, the gaming communitity is furious that their sub par computers can't run the games at full tilt settings and avg 50 fps. We were TOLD it would be this way far in advance and that this game was designed to be played at max settings comfortably on next gen hardware.... not 7XXX series cards. I knew it would be that way though. I knew people would bitch about it. I'll just take my 30 fps and be happy.
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