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Default Re: Crysis DX9 vs DX10 = Quite a difference ^^

Originally Posted by K007
I assume stuff like the wind effecting smoke / better water effects are DX10 only, but most of the other stuff can be enabled...the question is...why does it have to be run through the cfg to enable in DX9...
Because it doesn't handle it as efficiently. That's the whole point of the DirectX10 API in the first place.

There probably isn't a single, solitary DX10 effect that couldn't be done in DX9, but what we're looking at is the cost of performance from doing it. And thus, your "5fps" performance that you describe. Given that, what's the effen point of running the game in XP except for a bunch of blowhard Vista-haters to carry on about how Vista and DX10 is a waste (not speaking of you in particular here)?

And if you look at those pics the OP put up, there is a clear difference there. Look at the sunlight rays; look at the crisper shadows/lighting on the grass; look at the more accurate shadows(especially of the palm tree); look at the reflective lighting coming off the vegetation, etc.

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