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Default Crysis quality/performance sweetspot on 8800gtx: ini tweaks and pics

I've been playing around with the ini and with the several options in order to get the best quality/performance setting for Crysis. My objective was to keep 30 fps average on the benchmark. I managed this and the game runs constantly smooth and looks great.

I'm using the latest drivers, 169.01 (see rig in signature), running in Directx10 32bit mode in 1680x1050 resolution.

Here are the settings:

And I added the following lines in the sys_spec_Shading.cfg file in crysis\game\cVarGroups folder, under [3]:


Here is a screenshot with the current shaders setting, on high, with the tweaks:

Here is a comparison with the very high shaders option. While the difference is clearly noticeable, it is less so with the tweaks to the high option and the difference isn't worth the huge performance hit IMO:

Other pictures of my settings:

The game benchmarks 30 fps and the performance is constant and smooth.

Have fun. If anyone managed to find a good quality/performance spot please post your settings with pics.
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