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Originally posted by jbirney
No idea. Again i just find it way too ironic that they are claiming this to be a DX9 benmark when it does not use any other than 2.0 VS DX9 stuff. Please tell me how the GF4 cards can run a DX9 benchmark. I did not think that the GF4 cards had any DX9 "stuff" in them. Well either they do and we all are a buch of idiots since we seem to miss this "stuff" for past year..or its not a DX9 bench. Again this is not directed at anyone..just way to ironic any more....

Well, I'm sure there is a certain level of software emulation/rendering in there . But I agree what you mean... but a software developer wouldnt create a benchmark thats ONLY DX9, because it wouldnt be popular among the public... since not everyone owns a fully hardware DX9 compliant video card. My 0.02 .
Something that can run SWG somewhat decent.
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