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Default Re: I bought the Samsung HLT6187S 61" Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV

I don't have anything that can output 1080p24 unless the 360 does. I've got my 360 and an A2 for HD content.

And yes, I think my set has the prism effect. I noticed a purplish/bluish spot in the middle of the screen while watching The Scorpion King last night.

But since I just bought it, I should be okay with the replacement, right? It shouldn't cost anything? I'll look for more info about it over at AVS I guess...otherwise, if it is going to be expensive, or if they won't come out and do it in person, I can just deal with it. It was a small annoyance and I could only really see it in a few really dark scenes.

Would the Performance Plan or whatever they call it at Best Buy also cover this? And if so, how much does the light engine replacement cost? Because if it's more than $350, I'll just go back and buy the Performance Plan since that's how much it was going to cost.
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