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Default Re: Crysis demo - what score should it get?

Originally Posted by grey_1
I voted 10.

1. Brilliant graphics
2. Varied gameplay
3. Avoidance of the old run n gun formula, tactics are needed here
4. Nice control implementation, this could have been pretty rough
5. A new level of melee (Hold em by the throat and beat them) never gets old
6. Looks like EVERYTHING is destructible
7. Anything that can't be picked up would be too heavy anyway..the chickens crack me up!

I'll probably add a lot more to the list after playing the full game..I just love this demo!
I second that.

I really agree with your point 3. also, it gets very tactic when playing on Delta difficulty, which surprisingly doesn't feel too hard at all


8. Story seems very interesting, wanna makes to keep playing.
9. Excellent sound. Besides from the great sound effects and competent voice acting, the sound positioning is some of the best I've ever heard.
10. The sum of all the qualities in Crysis just nails the overall impression of the game, how you immerse yourself in the experience.

10/10 from me as well. You can always point out flaws, but really in comparison to all the other games out there, Crysis emits skyhigh production values. People can be spoiled bitches sometimes

And people don't give me that "no game can ever achieve perfection and thus the perfect score 10 is impossible"-bull****; it doesn't have to be PERFECT in the literal sence but just represents a very special game in all respects. Like saying having an unattainable grade in school.. stupid.
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