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Default Re: Walmart = $198.00 HD-DVD players!!!

WOOOHOOO I finally got a A2 @ Circuit City ($197.00) it was the last one and I had to drive 38 miles to get it, thank god the lady saved it for me!!!! I hooked it up and watched Transformers HD-DVD (the only one I bought) and I must say it blew me away omg it was incredible. No more dvd's for me only HD-DVD's, I don't think after seeing these prices on HD-DVD players that Blew-Ray has a chance in hell. On a side note there was a A3 that came with 2 HD-DVD's (300 and something else can't remember) for $299.00, WOW. I will get a top of the line Toshiba HD-DVD player once I get a new 1080P TV but for now 720P looks kickass to me. I can't wait to see the sales numbers of the last quarter of 2007 HD-DVD players.
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