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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227

This is really unoptimized game. They threw a lot of things there with no logic and reasoning behind anything.

I'm not buying this game. Maybe they should had look at Call of Duty 4 and see how the things are done right in a sense of quality/performance ratio which is perfect.

This Crytek engine won't be used by any games in the future, but actually UT3 engine which with AA support is going to kick ass for then next 2-3 years.
- "Threw a lot of things" ?? lol .. yeah i like throwing more objects per scene , more geometry , sun shafts , HDR , softshadows for all objects , full scene/object-based motion blur , DoF , high quality textures , more bump/displacement mapping , reflections , refractions , movabale vegetation & lots of physics (inclduing distructable objects) to a game

- CoD4 uses same engine as CoD2 with some enhancments. thats why its running smooth , but people still want to max out their 8800GTX's & Ultra's (SLI) with next-gen games.

- CE2 uses AA aswell. it would be less used not because its not optimized for your PC , but rather the different game designs which could take more advantage of the UE3 than with the CE2.

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