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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

Originally Posted by Uberpwnage
One of my friends was able to run Crysis on a Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 512MB ram, and an AGP X1600. He said it was one of the best games hes ever played, even at 20-23fps with the lowest settings. It all depends on how you look at - Crytek shouldn't be sued for pushing the envelope maybe a bit far. If anything, it will only spur more rapid growth in the industry since pretty much everyone here would pay for a 9800 or similar card when they had the money. I'm sure Nvidia knows that, and if they don't have something up their sleeve at the moment, they are most definitely accelerating development.
you are right..the very day the 9800 cards become available I'm buying two of them...then my little 9 year old brother can enjoy two 8800ultra cards in sli on his gametap rig lol.. I don't think anyone in my neck of the woods knows what the heck an 8800 ultra is...
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