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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

Originally Posted by gulizard
Listen to all these guys here replying how good it is, when it wasn't released on time they hated it, and they were talking so much crap.. Stop being hypocrits and accept the fact that this game runs like ass. I realize it uses all these neat settings, and what not.. However when people who go to E3, and these different game conventions and are able to play it like butter with the same setups we have, some of them only just a 8800 GTX... Then we know we got a crappy product here. So either someone lied about the cards in the systems at said game conventions, or they've decided to help nvidia out, this is unacceptable... The game itself seems awesome. The whole night time mission, with the dude hangin up in the trees is sweet - but it isn't sweet when the entire game runs at 10-13 FPS. I even tried turning things to Medium, and only gained 7 more FPS.

What doesn't make sense is I could probably understand trying to render that much vegetation, and how it might effect some video cards, BUT when I look at the ground or get as close to an object as possible I still get the same FPS. In most games looking up to a wall will make even the slowest cards shoot up about 30-40 FPS... Point being this game is crap, and we were indeed lied to... at least about performance.. I will not be paying for this crap, and I am willing to bet Wal-Mart will see a lot of returns when people buy this and can't run it..
No issues here mate, runs well with settings on very high, motion blur OFF,1920x1200 resolution and am getting average 28fps.
Point being is if you have a GTX and you're still getting only 10-13fps, it's not the game but rather something's up with your system.
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